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Garden City Counseling

Debra Krefsky, LCSW - R

Thanks for Visiting!

Thank you for your interest in my psychotherapy practice. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker[LCSW] with offices in Garden City and Westbury,N.Y. I work with adults, children, adolescents and couples. As a practicing psychotherapist I help people resolve relationship, work or job, and financial concerns. I also help with: family/parenting issues; depression; anxiety; sexuality issues; stress management, eating disorders, and substance abuse.

People enter counseling and psychotherapy for many reasons. People often seek help when life situations become overwhelming or when a problem negatively impacts either work or important relationships. Some seek support to respond to unexpected changes in their lives, while others are interested in self-exploration and personal growth.

Are you?:

  • Having difficulty with personal relationships?
  • Feeling sad, hopeless, stuck or in a rut?
  • Not where you'd like to be in your career?
  • Feeling anxious, stressed or out of control?
  • Being held back by painful childhood experiences?
  • Drinking too much or abusing drugs?
  • Having compulsive sex?
  • Overeating, binging or withholding food?
  • Experiencing low self esteem or self image?
  • Experiencing loss or grief?
  • Experiencing a change in life such as marriage, divorce, college, graduation, career, pregnancy, parenthood, retirement, etc.

Are you and your partner?

  • Having trouble communicating?

  • Looking to get closer but growing apart?
  • Considering parenthood?
  • New parents looking for parenting skills?

I use a psychodynamic approach to help people gain insight into their situations, work through obstacles, and move toward their goals. Psychodynamic theory, at a basic level, looks for motivating factors beneath the thinking, feelings and behavior, and seeks to address these motivations. People who choose to engage in the process of psychotherapy create greater awareness and satisfaction in their lives, and make the connections to experience their best self.

Please phone me for a free introductory consultation to see how we can achieve your goals: 646-526-7202. The call is confidential.