Garden City Counseling

Debra Krefsky, LCSW - R

Pet Bereavement Services

Grief is probably the most confusing, frustrating and emotional thing that a person can experience. It is even more so for pet owners. Society in general does not give bereaved pet owners "permission" to grieve openly. Consequently, pet owners often feel isolated and alone. When a human loved one dies a prescribed ritual provides a cushion between the loss and the return to "normal" life. When the loved one is a pet, society provides no means of closure.

Well-meaning friends, co-workers and family members may minimize pet loss grief by failing to understand the depth of your loss. “It’s just a pet,” they may say. Or perhaps they suggest you rush out and get another pet immediately.

Luckily, more and more resources are becoming available to help the bereaved pet owner realize that they are NOT alone and that what they are feeling is entirely normal. Remember, your grief is genuine and deserving of support.

Private Sessions

Dealing with grief is a personal journey. This is a personal time to process and heal. Grief is a normal process. This is a time and place to be assisted on your journey through grief. You are not alone.

Individual sessions are built around the personal needs of the Client. Items typically dealt with are:

  • Dealing with grief and loss
  • Feelings of guilt
  • Empty house syndrome
  • Building appropriate memories
  • Assistance in creating pet memorials
  • Bringing a new pet into the family